Blue Eyes

The blue eyes represent how Pecola believes the eye will make her happier and beautiful. The eyes are similar to a utopia. In Pecolas mind she believes  that everything will be perfect if she just had some blue eyes.



 Marigold Seeds

The marigold seeds symbolize hope. It symbolizes hope because at first Claudia and Frieda are selling the seeds to buy them a bike. They go over to all the neighborhoods and got tired and decided to get a drink .While they were getting a drink they overheard some women talking about Pecola being pregnant so they came to the conlusion that insteadd of buying a bike they were going to give the money to her to support the baby.

The Seasons

The seasons are broken up in the book. Each season represents whats going on at that time. Autumn is where school beggins and the chapters were focused on the kids.Then we have  winter that symbolizes anyone can be pretty without actually being pretty on the outside. Spring represents a time in the novel because Pecola is raped and beat. Summer is a another fun time for the kids.This is when Pecola gets her "blue eyes"